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Sleeping in on weekends? It can make you live longer!


Till now, you might have heard that sleeping in on the weekends is not the way to go about resting. Studies said that it can lead to disrupture in your sleep hormones and only negatively impacts your body’s sleep cycle. If you were disheartened by this news, you will be grateful for the one that’s the latest.

A new study published in the Journal of Sleep Research claims that sleeping in during the weekends is the way go about life! In other words, it makes you live longer. The study was based in Sweden and the researchers were from Stockholm University and the Karolinska Institute in the country.

The study analyzed data from 43,880 people whose sleep patterns were mapped for 13 years. Participants who were under 65 years of age and slept for 5 hours or less on both weekends were 52 per cent more likely to die early than those who got seven hours of sleep on both weekend days.

Now, what if you had 5 hours or less sleep per weekday but slept for 7 hours per day on weekend? Well, even then you do not have a higher risk of death compared to those who had 7 hours of sleep on all days of the week.
 Also, contrary to what you know, the study said that sleeping over 8 hours every day is also associated with a 25 per cent higher risk of death!
Now, if you are already planning to sleep in the weekend, you may as well. But for now, this is just one study in isolation and no other proof of its validation exists. So, before you make a hard-wired mindset in favour of it, we would suggest you wait it out.