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The way your body reacts to mosquito bites says this about your health

1. Mosquitoes give you worse bites than others? Here’s why!

You go out to a camping trip with your friend and you end up with ten thousand and one mosquito bites while your friend comes out unscathed. It isn’t the first time this happened, for somehow mosquitoes have taken a liking for you since the beginning of time. Now, why does that happen?

2. ​What happens during a mosquito bite

WHAT HAPPENS DURING A MOSQUITO BITE: First of all, know that only female mosquitoes bite. They do so in order to obtain protein through our blood so as to promote egg development. Now, when she bites you, she injects her saliva in your skin, which contains a protein. The bumps, redness or swelling that one gets through these bites are actually our body’s reaction to that protein from the saliva, and not to the bite. However, not everybody is allergic to that protein and hence, reacts in a different way. Know what your body’s reaction to a mosquito bite tells about you.

3. ​Reaction: None

REACTION: NONE: If you don’t happen to hate mosquitoes because you feel they don’t bite you or if they do, the bites don’t leave any marks, you are a lucky person! It simply means that your body is not allergic to mosquito saliva. Probably, you may have developed that immunity over time.

4. ​Reaction: Small bumps that turn red after a day or two

REACTION: SMALL BUMPS THAT TURN RED AFTER A DAY OR TWO: This is the most common reaction most humans have to mosquito bites. This is basically your body reacting to the protein in mosquito saliva.

5. ​Reaction: Welts, that are raised, reddish and flat-topped

REACTION: WELTS, THAT ARE RAISED, REDDISH AND FLAT-TOPPED: If your body usually reacts with welts to mosquito bites, it simply means that you have a higher sensitivity to that protein. However, if a welt appears once in a while, it could simply mean that the mosquito fed for a long time on your blood, leaving a more pronounced reaction.

6. ​Reaction: Dark spots that look like bruises

REACTION: DARK SPOTS THAT LOOK LIKE BRUISES: This reaction often happens when you constantly itch on a mosquito bite as it can scar the bump and leave a mark. The best way to avoid this is by not scratching the site of the bite.